Our story begins...

Few years ago, we came across a children coding academy overseas. We thought to ourselves, ‘Ah, a new evolving trend! Maybe our son should learn coding’. We started to find out more about it. At first, we studied the trends, then we compared different syllabus. Just about the same time, one of our friends shared with us about her children’s coding experience. It got us even more excited and we started spending a lot of time researching it. We started talking to different parties about the courses. Finally, we found a curriculum that we ourselves love it! We tested it out with our son who was in lower primary. The more we worked on it, the more we loved it and our son kept asking for more lessons! He even cut down his iPad game time willingly!

One day, we made an important decision! We decided to embark on our journey to share this important knowledge and skills with other children! Therefore, we designed a few different lesson structures that suit the students with busy schedule in Malaysia. We strongly believe that kids should learn to code from young. Hence, we started our computer coding academy for kids and teens in Malaysia.

We are the founders of CodeBeeDo Academy, Lawrence and Jacqueline.

Profile of the Founders...

Lawrence graduated from University of Kentucky with Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He also obtained Master in Business Administration. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). He has 20 years’ experience in strategic IT planning, IT security control and governance, project implementation in the area of network infrastructure, systems and, web and mobile application in multinational corporations to facilitate corporate growth and business innovation.

Jacqueline graduated from Monash University with Bachelor of Computer Science. She worked in the field of IT for over 15 years from a programmer to a Project Manager. She then headed the IT department in a reputable corporation as the IT Manager where she led her team to develop applications and business solutions. Jacqueline also has strong passion for coaching with years of experience working with kids and children. She has undergone training to help children in character development and was in the business of character development prior to setting up the current coding centre. The combined experience of working with kids and in IT has made Jacqueline highly and uniquely qualified for her current role in the coding centre.