(Daughter aged 11)

“CODEBEEDO was recommended to me via word of mouth. Founder Jac(queline) combines the talents of an experienced early years educator, mother, and IT specialist – she fulfilled all my criteria of a teacher for my child. I was looking for a place to introduce my child to elements of coding, as a means of early exposure, against expected curriculum requirements in her secondary school. Codebeedo has matched my expectations and more. My 11 year-old signed on for a 3 month basic coding course and has extended for another half year, to cover basic and advanced coding. The teacher’s approach has been thoughtful, and tailored to my child’s needs and personality, and the positive learning environment definitely increased her receptiveness of the subject matter. I would not hesitate to recommend CODEBEEDO as a provider of early coding learning, for children and young adults.”

(Daughters aged 9 & 11)

“My 2 girls have been with CodeBeeDo since February. We can’t believe they could create their own websites! Thankful to Teacher Jacqueline for her patience, she puts idea across logically, provide opportunities for my girls to practice independently under supervision, provide feedback to us & re-teaches when necessary, monitor my girls learning continuously. Appreciate her effort to understand my 2 girls as an individual and motivate them.” [Facebook review] 

(Son aged 8 & 11)

“My 2 kids are enjoying their lessons at CodeBeeDo! They have fun learning how to code which involves analysing, testing out and some creativity. They look forward to their classes every week. The teachers are dedicated and provide great supervision to the kids. Great work!” [Facebook review] 

(Son aged 11)

“My 11 year old kid has been with CodeBeeDo for over 4mths and appreciates the self-pace learning through analysing, experimenting and exploring, which is great. He is now more meticulous, and looks forward to code during his free time.

Passionate and responsive educators help a lot, great job CodeBeeDo!” [Facebook review] 

(Nephews aged 11 & 18)

My 11 years old nephew signed up for this course. And have been sending him for the class. Curiosity got the best of me and spoke to Jacqueline about the program.

In parallel, we went to a British council event and spoke to a Professor. He updated the way forward is Artificial Intelligence which requires coding as a base.

We signed up for the CodeBeeDo course and it has been very good. You attend the classes and do more at home ! And the sign up included me too ! As an parent student !

Highly recommend this course to kids and encourage parents to join into so you know what your kids are learning.
Thanks Jacqueline and Lawrence. The classes are fun![Facebook review] 

(Daughter aged 6 years old)

“My 5yo daughter looks forward to the classes every week. Teacher Jacqueline is excellent with engaging children and getting them to understand the basic concepts of coding. Highly recommended.” [Google review] 

(Son aged 6 years old)

“My son is having fun in the class and has learned to do some animation after few months classes. Highly recommended👍” [Google review] 

(Daughter aged 9 & son aged 15)

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value

“My kids enjoy attending Codebeedo. Teacher Jac is excellent and knowledgeable. Highly recommended for those keen in learning Coding![Google review] 

(Sons aged 8 & 12)

“Both of my kids love the courses offered by CodeBeeDo. The class is conducted by business owners who are knowledgeable and friendly. Teacher Jacqueline and Lawrence have a good engagement towards students.[Google review] 

(Sons aged 6 & 8)

“Decided to enroll my kids to ScratchJr class at the Academy for them to benefit from the screen time, rather than only for gaming, YouTube Kids, etc. Teacher Jacqueline did a great job in teaching programming to the kids & attracting them to the class! They look forward for the weekly Codebeedo class (this is not the case for their daily school days). I have the apps downloaded in their tablets so that they can run projects on their own at home & Teacher Jacqueline will review the work during class.

The academy is highly recommended if you would like your kids to explore on programming/coding language. Do check out various courses that they offer! 🙂
[Google review] 

(11 years old)

“I really enjoyed using evo and learning about python and javascript. I think I would do this program again.

(10 years old)

“The 3 days were very fun and entertaining for me and I hope to come again although it was quite complicated.

(10 years old)


(11 years old)

This program is very fun. I like playing with the Ozobot, especilly ozo-launch! I recommend everybody to join. I enjoy this program a lot! I had loads of fun.

(Sons aged 9 & 11)

Two of my kids joined the Ozobot Programme last holiday with Teacher Jacqueline. She is a caring teacher. Overall, it was a great and amazing experience for both of them. They had a lot of fun. Thanks to CodeBeeDo and Teacher Jacqueline” [Facebook review]

(11 years old)

I really enjoyed Codebeedo’s lessons because I got to make lots of animation! My favourite part was choosing which sounds to add in. But the most fun was the Ozobot because you can make it dance through a program.

(12 years old)

At Codebeedo we got to learn so many things within a few hours like making a game by coding through Scratch and then playing with it. We also did many tasks on Scratch. I got to use the stuff I learned at Codebeedo like ‘If then, else’ and the ‘Glide function’ in Computing class at school. I really like Codebeedo!

(Daughter aged 7 & son aged 10)

Both my kids attended the Ozobot holiday programme. Highly recommended!” [Facebook review]

(10 years old)

Awesome Ozobot programme! First time I learnt coding with smart robot! Very interesting and I truly enjoyed it.” [Facebook review] 

(7 years old)

Love cute Ozobot robot! Sophie and I had so much fun in the class..coding and playing with Ozobot. Teacher Jacq is great!” [Facebook review] 

(A note from a little boy in our ScratchJr class)

ScratchJr Coding Class

CASSANDRA (9 years old)
(An e-card created using Scratch)

Scratch Coding Class

(19 years old)

“Python’s course materials and instructional videos were in-depth and easy to understand. The support from the instructors were first rate as they were always there to guide me whenever I hit a roadblock. I enjoyed this course tremendously as the course was well-designed and pitched at a level where I can learn at my own pace without feeling the strain of too much information at once. Although the exercises were challenging, it always forced my mind to work in many different ways in order to find the solution. That was what propelled me forward to tackle those pieces of puzzle and soon, I find myself enjoying this coding course. Overall, I think that the course is great and I am absolutely sure that the knowledge that I have gained will benefit me in my degree course as well in the real world.

(Daughter aged 9)

“She is very persistent to join classes even though the environment/condition is tough…that’s already a good sign for us as parents.