Web Design Competition


The objective of this competition is to motivate students to spend time in meaningful activity and to be a creator of the digital world instead of a consumer. It aims to unleash students’ creativity and to actualize their imagination.


  • This competition is open to all CodeBeeDo Academy students.
  • Only one (1) submission per student.
  • Children of CodeBeeDo’s staff are eligible to participate in the competition but will not be eligible to receive prize.

The requirement of the competition is to produce a webpage on any topic.

Web pages must employ standards-based web design with well formed HTML and CSS, specifically:

  • Every HTML opening tag must have a matching closing tag except those tags that have no closing tag.
  • All tags must be in lower case.
  • All images shall be coded using the ALT attribute.
  • All tags must be indented correctly.

The judging criteria may include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Relevance and accuracy of content
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Visual appeal and style
  • Consistent look and feel
  • Readability
  • Adherence to HTML standards
  • Working links

Any single topic selected by the participant.

Each webpage must not contain material deemed objectionable to CODEBEEDO ACADEMY (e.g. no pornography, no profanity, nothing offensive to a person’s gender, ethnicity, or religious beliefs, no references to alcohol, tobacco, or drugs).


  • Submitted work will be judged over a score of 50 points by CodeBeeDo’s team.
  • Submitted work will also be posted online for public voting. Each vote represents 1 point.
  • Participant with the highest point will be the winner.

Registration & payment deadline : 31 October 2020
Webpage submission deadline : 30 November 2020
Public voting period : December 2020
Announcement of result : December 2020
Competition Fee: RM30
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Each participant will get an e-certificate of participation.
2 winners:
First prize – RM100 cash
Second prize – RM50 cash