Bill Gates

Co-Founder, Microsoft

Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.

Malala Yousafzai

Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Every girl deserves to take part in creating the technology that will change our world, and change who runs it.

Stephen Hawking

Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist & Author

Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.

Sheryl Sandberg

Chief Operating Officer, Facebook​

An understanding of computer science is becoming increasingly essential in today’s world. Our national competitiveness depends upon our ability to educate our children—and that includes our girls—in this critical field.

Chris Bosh

NBA All-Star, Miami Heat

Coding is very important when you think about the future, where everything is going. With more phones and tablets and computers being made, and more people having access to every thing and information being shared, I think it’s very important to be able to learn the language of coding and programming.

Karlie Kloss

Model and Founder, Kode with Klossy Scholarship

I quickly came to understand that code is a superpower every young woman should be able to access. Understanding that code is the underlying (and invisible) framework of tech means that we do not have to be passive bystanders in our ever-changing digital world.

John Thune

U.S. Senator, South Dakota

Whether our children want to become farmers, doctors, teachers, or entrepreneurs, it’ll be easier for them to achieve their dreams in the digital age if they have some background in computer science. We need our children to learn 21st century skills for a 21st century world, and coding teaches them the creativity and problem-solving skills that are necessary for success.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers

U.S. Congresswoman, Washington State

As the foundation of America’s robust technology industry, computer science drives advancements in health care, aerospace, financial services, national defense, retail and so many other industries both at home and abroad. Young people should be exposed to computer science in our schools so they have the opportunity to learn, innovate, and develop new advancements to promote the future of technology.

Richard Branson

Founder, Virgin Group

Whether we’re fighting climate change or going to space, everything is moved forward by computers, and we don’t have enough people who can code. Teaching young people to code early on can help build skills and confidence and energize the classroom with learning-by-doing opportunities. I learned how to fly a hot air balloon when I was 30,000 feet up and my life was in the balance: you can learn skills at any age but why wait when we can teach everyone to code now!

Michael Bloomberg

Former Mayor, New York City

We salute the coders, designers, and programmers already hard at work at their desks, and we encourage every student who can’t decide whether to take that computer science class to give it a try. New York City’s economic future depends on it, and while we’re already giving thousands of our students the opportunity to learn how to code, much more can and should be done.

Cory Booker

U.S. Senator, New Jersey

Computer programming is quickly becoming an essential career skill. Learning to code is a fantastic opportunity equalizer – if you’re good at it, it can help you achieve your dreams.

Jack Dorsey

Creator, Twitter and Founder & CEO, Square

I think that great programming is not all that dissimilar to great art. Once you start thinking in concepts of programming it makes you a better person…as does learning a foreign language, as does learning math, as does learning how to read.

Randi Weingarten

President, American Federation of Teachers

Computers have and continue to change the world around us, and programmers continue to be essential. But I know first hand from studying FORTRAN that many of us get intimidated by it and we shouldn’t be. Computer programming has become far more accessible to teach and learn, and our country needs more students to learn it.

Salman Khan

Founder, Khan Academy

To prepare humanity for the next 100 years, we need more of our children to learn computer programming skills, regardless of their future profession. Along with reading and writing, the ability to program is going to define what an educated person is.

Marc Benioff

Chairman & CEO, Salesforce

Learning to code at a young age opened my eyes to the incredibly exciting world of technology and entrepreneurship. Our youth deserve the opportunity to learn the skills that will enable them to succeed in our connected world.

Leland Melvin

Astronaut, NASA Education Administrator

Computers play an increasingly larger role in all fields of science; they’re helping us explore outer-space and our solar system. Whether you want to become a doctor or an astronaut, it would help to learn the basics of computer programming.

President Bill Clinton

Former U.S. President

At a time when people are saying “I want a good job – I got out of college and I couldnt find one,” every single year in America there is a standing demand for 120,000 people who are training in computer science.

Vice President Al Gore

Former U.S. Vice President

Our civilization is experiencing unprecedented changes across many realms, largely due to the rapid advancement of information technology. The ability to code and understand the power of computing is crucial to success in today’s hyper-connected world.

Tim Cook

CEO, Apple

We believe that coding should be a required language in all schools.

Arianna Huffington

Founder, The Huffington Post

Learning to code is useful no matter what your career ambitions are.

Eric Schmidt

Executive Chairman, Google

For most people on Earth, the digital revolution hasn’t even started yet. Within the next 10 years, all that will change. Let’s get the whole world coding!

Marc Andreessen

Co-Founder & General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Learning to code is the single best thing anyone can do to get the most out of the amazing future in front of us.

Todd Park

Former U.S. Chief Technology Officer

Technology and computers are very much at the core of our economy going forward. To be prepared for the demands of the 21st century—and to take advantage of its opportunities—it is essential that more of our students today learn basic computer programming skills, no matter what field of work they want to pursue.

John Hennessy

Former President, Stanford University

Learning to program is exciting: it’s stimulating, fun, develops new ways of thinking, and in a very short time you can build programs that will impress your friends and family! Discovering the joy of programming was the spark that started my professional life and impressed the teenage beauty who, 40 years later, is still the love of my life!

Susan Wojcicki

CEO, YouTube

Learning to code makes kids feel empowered, creative, and confident. If we want our young women to retain these traits into adulthood, a great option is to expose them to computer programming in their youth.

Larry Corey

President, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Computers are an increasingly essential part of understanding cancer and developing new therapies. Knowledge of computer programming is almost as important as knowledge of anatomy when it comes to medical research or clinical care.

Wendy Kopp

Founder, Teach For America

Ensuring that our nation’s urban and rural children have the chance to become proficient in computer science is a sure way to set them on a trajectory to great career options. We need to do this to close the digital divide and level the playing field.

Ron Wyden

U.S. Senator, Oregon

One of the best ways to prosper in the 21st century economy is to understand the language it’s written in. Every student in America should have the opportunity to learn how to code.

Steve Ballmer

Former CEO, Microsoft

Computer programming is the single best professional opportunity in the world. We need more Americans in the field. Let’s go!

Dennis Van Roekel

Former President, National Education Association

Learning to code unlocks creativity and builds confidence in students regardless of age, gender, or race. Computer programming can also be a teaching tool for other subjects, from physics to French. With today’s technology, learning to code is more fun and more accessible than ever, and America’s teachers welcome it into our schools and classrooms.

Louise Waters

Superintendent & CEO, Leadership Public Schools

Coding is a path up for urban youth—a right now job that makes college possible—a future vision that inspires.

Esther Wojcicki

Vice Chair, Creative Commons Board of Directors

All students in the 21st century need to have the opportunity to learn coding starting in elementary school. It is exciting for kids and introduces them to thinking skills that are critical for the digital age and that promote the study of computer science.

Tony Hsieh

CEO, Zappos

I think everyone should get a little exposure to computer science because it really forces you to think in a slightly different way, and it’s a skill that you can apply in life in general, whether you end up in computer science or not.

Reid Hoffman

Former Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, LinkedIn

One of the most important skills any entrepreneur should learn is to program a computer. This is a critical skill if you want to start a tech startup, but a basic knowledge of code is useful even in traditional fields, because software is changing everything.

Harry Lewis

Former Dean, Harvard College

The most popular class at Harvard today is Intro to Computer Programming, because computers are helping in almost every other field of study and research – to search for a cure for cancer, to understand the origins of ancient languages, etc. We need more schools to offer computer programming; it’s a skill that will empower the next generation in almost any field. Learning to code is easy, fun, and a good thing to learn young.

Jay Inslee

Governor, State of Washington

There’s a spirit of innovation in Washington State that’s driven world class advances in aerospace, IT, biotech, health and agriculture. But we’re falling behind in meeting the workforce needs of today’s economy. To remain at the forefront of the innovation economy, we must prepare our kids for today’s jobs and the jobs of the future. Computer programming is one example of just such an opportunity.

Mitch Kapor

Founder, Lotus Development Corporation and Partner, Kapor Capital

We need people from all walks of life to learn to code. Control your destiny, help your family, your community and your country.

Mario Armstrong

Digital Lifestyle Expert & TV Host, NBC, CNN/HLN, NPR

Kids who understand code are at the highest level of literacy in the 21st century. This will give all kids the tools to move from consumers to creators, enabling them for huge success.

Dr. Lee Hood

Inventor, Modern DNA Sequencing and Recipient, National Medal of Science

To deal with the “deluge of big data” requires the pioneering of new analytical tools, both computational and mathematical. Computer scientists have become essential as part of cross-disciplinary teams of researchers who tackle some of the most challenging issues in science today.

Ron Conway

Silicon Valley Angel Investor

Coders are the life blood of innovation. will help ensure that our students learn this essential talent.

Maria Klawe

President, Harvey Mudd College

Coding is today’s language of creativity. All our children deserve a chance to become creators instead consumers of computer science.

Enda Kenny

Taoiseach, Ireland

Learning to code is learning to create and innovate. We want our young people, who have such enormous talent, to acquire this skill, so that they will become the trailblazers who will shape and change our future.

Anne Wojcicki

CEO & Founder, 23andMe

All students should have the opportunity to learn how to program. Computer science is the basis for modern day creativity and expression. The computer programmers of tomorrow will revolutionize medicine.

Brad Smith

President & Chief Legal Officer, Microsoft

We need the generation that has grown up with computing devices to lead the way in coding—to start small but dream big, to have fun, to start businesses, to improve people’s lives, and change the world!

Anousheh Ansari

Co-Founder & Chairwoman, Prodea Systems

Whether your dream is to start a business or to be an astronaut, a background in technology can help – it certainly helped me realize my dreams. We need more of tomorrow’s women to learn to code.

Max Levchin

Co-Founder, Paypal

Learning to code will be a huge booster for your future, no matter what your professional plans may be. Learning to code will also make you extremely cool!

Jan Cuny

Program Director, National Science Foundation

All of today’s kids will need—along with reading, writing, and arithmetic—a basic understanding of computation and the role that it plays across a wide range of disciplines. Coding is engaging and empowering. It’s a necessary 21st Century skill.

Dick Costolo

Former CEO, Twitter

If you can program a computer, you can achieve your dreams. A computer doesn’t care about your family background, your gender, just that you know how to code. But we’re only teaching it in a small handful of schools, why?

Dean Kamen

Founder, FIRST

There are way more exciting careers out there for people that have developed the muscle hanging between their ears than for all the sports and the entertainers combined. Learning to code is one of the fastest ways students can learn the skills they need for the 21st century.

Mithra Irani Ramaley

Chief People Officer, City Year

In many of our inner-cities, talented students aren’t exposed to the right opportunities to help them unlock the potential that all children share. Learning to code can help these students leapfrog traditional boundaries, ensuring that all children have access to the opportunities that can drive our economic success as a nation.

Tim O'Reilly

Founder, O'Reilly Media

Programming is how we talk to the machines that are increasingly woven into our lives. If you aren’t a programmer, you’re like one of the unlettered people of the Middle Ages who were told what to think by the literate priesthood. We had a Renaissance when more people could read and write; we’ll have another one when everyone programs.

Steve Case

Co-Founder, America Online

Computer programming is a skill that more Americans need to learn. At a time when our country is suffering from unemployment, whether you want to be an entrepreneur and start a business, or you’re just worried about having a job when you graduate, learning basic computer programming is the best way to do either.

Lucy Sanders

CEO & Co-Founder, National Center for Women & Information Technology

Computing lets people express their creativity and unlock solutions, and code is computing’s universal language. All young people, including girls, deserve to be fluent in the language of the future.

Gabe Newell

Founder & President, Valve

The programmers of tomorrow are the wizards of the future. You’re going to look like you have magic powers compared to everybody else.

Todd Young

U.S. Senator, Indiana

A background in computer science provides a strong foundation for nearly any career path in any industry in the 21st century economy.

Jeff Skoll

Founder, Participant Media

Coding gives you the basis to understand the world of today and control the world of tomorrow. There are few more rewarding experiences one can have.

Dr. John Deasy

Founder & Chairman Emeritus, MIT Media Lab

Programming allows you to think about thinking, and while debugging you learn learning.

Marco Rubio

U.S. Senator, Florida

Computer programmers are in great demand by American businesses, across the tech sector, banking, entertainment, you name it. These are some of the highest-paying jobs, but there are not enough graduates to fill these opportunities.

Yishan Wong

Former CEO, Reddit

One hundred years ago, people were faced with the choice of learning to read or remaining illiterate laborers who would be left behind as have-nots in a rapidly modernizing world. In the coming century, being able to command a world that will be thoroughly computerized will set apart those who can live successfully in the future from those who will be utterly left behind.

Nicholas Negroponte

Founder, Participant Media

Coding gives you the basis to understand the world of today and control the world of tomorrow. There are few more rewarding experiences one can have.

Rob Glaser

Founder, RealNetworks

Learning how to code and program computers when I was a kid was one of the best choices I made growing up. By writing code, I learned how to bring my dreams to life, how to budget, and how to build stuff. Whatever path you choose in life—being an artist, an engineer, a lawyer, a teacher, or even a politician, you will give yourself a huge leg up if you learn how to code.

Richard Barth

CEO, KIPP Foundation

In the last 30 years, computers have changed the course of humanity. Learning basic computer programming skills can help 21st century students regardless of their future career.

Mark Pincus

Co-Founder, Zynga

Every student deserves the opportunity to learn computer programming. Coding can unlock creativity and open doors for an entire generation of American students. We need more coders — not just in the tech industry, but in every industry.

Arne Duncan

Former Secretary of Education

To compete in a global market, our students need high quality STEM education including computer science skills such as coding.

Mehran Sahami

Associate Chair of Education & Director of Educational Affairs, Computer Science, Stanford

Learning to code is tremendously empowering. It lets you go from just being a consumer of technology to being a producer of it. When you make that transformation, you realize that rather than settling for what someone else tells you is possible, you have the power to create whole new technological possibilities.

Suzan DelBene

U.S. Congresswoman, Washington State

Technology is changing our world and driving our economy. We need to make sure our children have the skills necessary to innovate and compete in the 21st century. Exposure to computer science and basic programming empowers students and spurs creativity, which can unlock countless opportunities for their futures.

Douglas Rushkoff

Author, Program or Be Programmed

In the emerging, highly programmed landscape ahead, you will either create the software or you will be the software. It’s really that simple: Program, or be programmed. Choose the former, and you gain access to the control panel of civilization. Choose the latter, and it could be the last real choice you get to make.

Gina Bianchini

Founder & CEO, Mightybell

I was fortunate to begin coding in 4th grade. While I took a different path into political science and a fascination with how organizations and communities work, understanding how logic translates to code has changed the course of my professional life. I’m extremely grateful for the exposure and opportunity.

Jason Hirschorn

Former Chief Digital Officer, MTV and President, Sling Media

Learning to code, just a little, helped me immensely in my career. I can converse and create with the rising leaders of the next generation, the coders themselves. Computers touch almost every aspect of our current and future life. Any society that plans ahead for its future citizens must teach computer programming at all levels of education.

Dr. Alan Goodwin

Principal, Walt Whitman High School

In the 21st century, learning to program computers is one of the most valuable skills we can teach our young children, no matter what career they choose.

Michael Honda

Former U.S. Congressman, California

Students, parents, teachers, and policymakers will benefit greatly by recognizing the foundational importance of coding and computer science in our education curricula.

Mark Surman

Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation

Code has become the 4th literacy. Everyone needs to know how our digital world works, not just engineers.

Ben Ray Luján

U.S. Congressman, New Mexico

It is essential that students learn the language of code, the same way they learn to read and write. If we are to remain economically competitive and have a highly skilled workforce, access to computer science curricula and coding instruction must be a priority. With the potential for expansion and innovation as technology continues to become one of the most critical pieces of our infrastructure, this sector holds the promise of great opportunity for those who have the necessary training and knowledge.

Tony Smith

Former Superintendent, Oakland Unified Schools

Technology is not a separate discipline that can be considered in isolation from other aspects of society; it’s interwoven with every aspect of our existence. Learning to code is a pathway to full participation in the modern workforce and in public life. Providing every student with the opportunity to develop coding skills is not supplemental or elective, it’s an essential part of our work to create opportunity, eliminate inequity, and prepare students for success in school, success in career, and success in life.

Mark Takano

U.S. Congressman, California

By learning to design, code or program at an early age, America’s students can help usher in a technological revolution that we can only imagine. Harnessing their creativity in new and innovative ways will further solidify America’s position as the nation with the greatest technology sector and I support making computer programming courses a part of every school’s core curriculum.

Bill Goodwyn

President & CEO, Discovery Education

At Discovery Education, our mission is to prepare students for tomorrow’s world, and Computer Science knowledge and skills can open doors to opportunities for students as they enter college and careers. In this digital age, coding is among those most critical skills needed to compete in the new global workforce.

Tony Cardenas

U.S. Congressman, California

The tech industry is quickly expanding and adding jobs to the U.S. economy. We need a workforce trained with the computer science and coding skills that fuel this expansion, so we can keep these exciting jobs here.

James McGovern

U.S. Congressman, Massachusetts

We have witnessed astonishing advancements in computer technology just in our lifetimes. Preparing every student with a sound foundation in computer programming—whatever their chosen career path—will help them create the advancements of the future.

Musician, The Black Eyed Peas and Entrepreneur

Here we are, 2013, we ALL depend on technology to communicate, to bank, and none of us know how to read and write code. It’s important for these kids, right now, starting at 8 years old, to read and write code.

Rodrigo Arboleda Halaby

Chairman & CEO, One Laptop Per Child

Our entire philosophy at OLPC is based on children learning to write code at very early ages. We follow the principles developed by Seymour Papert, our Learning director for more than 32 years, inventor of the LOGO programming language, the basis of the Constructionist approach of Learning-How-To-Learn. Regardless of future activities, children that write code are better prepared to face the challenges of creating wealth in the XXI Century, that of producing Patents, Intellectual Property…

John Fallon

CEO, Pearson

Not being able to express yourself is frustrating. Yet, if we don’t encourage young people to grasp the basics of coding language, we are setting them up for that kind of frustration. And the world can’t afford that – predicts that by 2020 there will be a shortfall of more than one million computer programmers in America alone. So I’m encouraged by any initiative that gives young people the skills they need to create, build, and be competitive in the 21st century workforce.

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Author, and TV Personality

To best prepare for life in the 21st century, today’s students should ideally learn basic computer programming.